The historic village

Eggmühl at the time of the battle in 1809

From 30 May to 02 June 2019


In 1809, the Austrian army under Duke Carl crossed the borders of Bavaria without declaring war.

The generals of Austria had urged the war, they wanted to take advantage of Napoleon's absence, who was in Spain.

On April 9, the Austrians invaded Bavaria.

On 16 April, they once again occupied Munich, but otherwise the march advanced slowly.

The Corsican, who came by stage-coach from Paris, entered Bavarian soil in Donauwörth and ordered his troops.

On April 19, there were first fights near Teugn and Hausen.

The following battles at Abensberg were to go down in history later known as the battle at Abensberg. It was there, where the little Emperor gave fiery speech to the Bavarian troops. The battles went quickly.

In Landshut, Austria's troops could once again just save themselves over the Isar. But there, the Emperor of the French received the message that the majority of Austrians together with the Archduke was directly at the opposite of a small Bavarian corps with Davout and Levfebvre at their side in Schierling and Eggmühl.

Both sides were gathering their troops there.

Will the Austrians win or will Napoleon get there in time?

We will see it in Eggmühl. Join us, to your success!

Let the success of 2009 and 2016 come true once again. Eggmühl is looking forward to welcoming you!

Here are important information for you. Please pass them on within your group.

Directions: Eggmühl is located on the B15 between Landshut and Regensburg. There is also a train station directly in Eggmühl.

Camp, parking lot and battle field are signposted.

Registration: The group leaders, and just them, will report to the registration tent. There, you will receive the registration documents and will be assigned your camp ground. Anyone who set up their tents on their own must expect to take it down again. After submitting the completed registration forms, the group leaders will receive the meal tickets and information about the times of the officers' meetings and powder issue. Valid papers, e.g. permission according to §27 Explosives Act, must be submitted for the powder distribution. Group leaders are responsible for compliance with legal requirements.

Camp: The main camp is designated exclusively for historical tents.

Shared accommodations: Those groups, who have arranged a shared accommodation, will be provided with a camp bed in the gym. Bedclothes and similar sort of things have to be brought along. For cooking etc. these groups join others in the camp.


Friday morning:          Breakfast (Please bring coffee or tea on your own!)

Saturday morning:     Breakfast (Please bring coffee or tea on your own!)

Sunday morning:       Breakfast (Please bring coffee or tea on your own!)

Anyone who wants to cook in the historical camp, has to bring his/her own food, cookware, plates, silverware etc. and spices!

Drinks: Near the camp, there is a tavern where drinks will be offered. Drinking water is free of charge.

Other: Straw, firewood, drinking water, toilets and showers will be available.


Horses: The horses will be accommodated in your own paddocks that you have to set-up yourself. Hay, straw and water will be available. The cavalry camp will be located at the back of the camp. The common papers must be carried for all horses.


Thursday, 30 May

Morning          Arrival of participants

Friday, 31 May

09:00 Uhr        Morning appeal of all participants

10:00 Uhr        Training of infantry/artillery/cavalry

12:00 Uhr        Lunch

14:00 Uhr        Marching off to the battle field

14:30 Uhr        Reenactment of the battle

16:00 Uhr        Camp life: Your activities

18:00 Uhr        Vortrag über die Geschehnisse 1809

21:00 Uhr        Storming of Eggmühl castle

22:00 Uhr        Gun salutes of the artillery

Saturday, 01 June

09:00 Uhr        Morning appeal of all participants

10:00 Uhr        Demonstration of cavalry

10:30 Uhr        Demonstration of artillery

11:00 Uhr        Demonstration of infantry

12:00 Uhr        Lunch

14:00 Uhr        Marching off to the battle field

14:30 Uhr        Reenactment of the battle

Afterwards      Parade of troops with wreath-laying ceremony at the Lion Monument

16:30 Uhr        Camp life: Your activities

21:00 Uhr        Storming of Eggmühl castle

22:00 Uhr        Gun salutes of the artillery

Sunday, 02 June

Breakfast, dismantling and departure

The instructions of the registration and order personnel must be followed. For the duration of the whole event, the regulations and safety regulations of the FLG will apply. If anyone does not comply with them, we reserve the right to exclude them.

We look forward to welcoming you in Eggmühl and, together with your help, to experiencing an exciting reenactment for all sides!

With kind regards

Thomas Grambole

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